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    Shenzhen Urion Technology Co., Ltd. is currently one of the few professional manufacturers of electronic blood pressure monitors with independent R&D and design capabilities in China. The company has always adhered to the concept of "fashionable shape, precise measurement, and high-quality service" to make human life healthier.

1.Equipment Production:
   (1). The company has 8 modern SMT production lines;
   (2). 30 Japanese JUKI multifunctional high-speed placement machines and 15 most advanced 530 bonding machines;
   (3). 4 fully automatic assembly lines;
   (4). It can produce more than 200,000 electronic sphygmomanometers per month.

2. Top talent
        The company has gathered top talents in the medical device field from Taiwan and the mainland, and has established strategic partnerships with many well-known domestic companies, and has a good reputation and reputation among the peers.

3.Third, the main product Product

        The main products currently produced by the company include: electronic Blood Pressure monitor, Infrared thermometers, Compressed nebulizers and so on.